Understanding the significance of the confidentiality clause

When applying for a job, each employee signs a confidentiality clause that regulates, among other things, the issues of storage, collection, disclosure, etc., relating to corporate information. In our industry (PR, public relations), when customers trust us with their joys and troubles, competent management of such information is critical. In addition, we practice confidentiality agreements with the media, for example, when we conduct media trainings with the participation of journalists, NDA during tenders, etc.

Strategic marketing and financial information

This is available to our practice managers and the standards for customer service, the principles of the allocation of the educational budget, the rules for issuing vacation pay, travel, a database of contractors, etc.   to all employees. All the information we have lies on a dedicated server, which is used by all employees. In addition, executives gain access to such closed folders as financial profits of the practices and agencies as a whole (quarterly), business proposals and databases of potential and real customers. To know more about Business Information Management, seek help online.

The selection of the employees must be done carefully

We have recently used the Brian Tracy method for this, when each candidate is evaluated by at least three different people from a team. Secondly, it is worth giving the employee the information that he really needs and will come in handy at work. For example, there is no reason for the secretary to know the financial profits of concrete practice, since he will not be able to apply it in the workplace to his position.

Often companies do not manage information, but, for example, give general access to all employees, including trainees. Also, not all companies are engaged in reduplication, duplication of information on another server, etc.

The chief functions of the tool used to manage corporate information

For more than seven years, we have empirically searched through the tools that allow us to organize the management of corporate information. We started by creating a website within our network. The first tasks facing him are to report on company news and important events and provide contact information. Over time, the task appeared to include a list of necessary documents for the attestation of new employees and work tools for key positions. Today it is a fully fledged product of a well known company of developers, which allows us not only to realize all the above tasks, but also to keep track of the tasks of the entire company, as well as individual meetings and working groups. Each employee has the opportunity to create and maintain a blog, share photos and videos, and each group can create their own forum.

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